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Piggyback tech: Winning tack for Nook and Windows Phone?

Monday 1 September 2014 @ 12:00 pm

Commentary: Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have both brought key software to alternative devices that have a solid footing. But just one has a clear-cut edge.>

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BlackBerry Passport and the Looming Windows Phone Threat

Sunday 31 August 2014 @ 6:11 pm

For years, we’ve been talking about how Apple and Google have been destroying BlackBerry . As it turns out, Microsoft is the real enemy. The battle of BritainBlackBerry handsets will drop from third to fourth place in smartphone market

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Angry Birds Go! For Windows Phone Now Enhanced to Feature Multiplayer Mode and New Features, Available for Download

Sunday 31 August 2014 @ 12:35 pm

Windows Phone users can now download the latest updated version of the popular game Angry Birds Go. The latest updates incorporate a host of enhancements, with the major upgrade being the multiplayer mode.

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Why Won’t Microsoft Corporation Merge Windows RT With Windows Phone?

Saturday 30 August 2014 @ 10:43 pm

Why is Microsoft so reluctant to replace Windows RT with Windows Phone?

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Huawei Abandons Microsoft's Windows Phone

Saturday 30 August 2014 @ 3:05 pm

Huawei Abandons Microsoft’s Windows Phone

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy Makes No Sense

Friday 29 August 2014 @ 2:17 pm

Microsoft needs to decide if it wants a business model like Apple’s or Google’s in smartphones, and fast.

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Should Microsoft kill Windows Phone?

Friday 29 August 2014 @ 12:02 pm

It’s been nearly four years since Microsoft first released Windows Phone, and what it has gotten after many millions of dollars in development and marketing costs, plus its $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia, is this: a worldwide smartphone market share of less than 3% . And that number has been going down, not up.

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